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Freedom Soft

Real Estate Guru at Freedom Soft

  • Quick access to buyers, sellers, and private lenders inside the software (these are usually public record sources, but it saves you the time from manually searching multiple sources to find the same data… saving you hours a month)
  • The automated DIRECT MAIL system where you can click a couple links to get a direct mail piece out to a buyer, seller, or private lender
  • Great training inside the platform and a great community where you can connect with other members
  • Their CRM is pretty darn solid and easy to use. You can easily manage a lead from intake to deal… and look at comps, evaluate the deal, determine what you’re going to offer, and more
  • Their OfferBot which helps you make lots of offers on an almost automated basis. This is more of a volume game here. I know people who are using similar software they paid thousands to develop themselves and they get consistent deals from this each month
  • FreedomSoft has a great email autoresponder system and a “forms generator”... this lets you create web forms that you can put on other websites or even on Facebook. At InvestorCarrot we have many Freedomsoft users who use our websites and just put the FreedomSoft web forms on their Carrot sites so their leads go into the FS CRM.


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