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Immediate Proof Of Funds

We can provide immediate proof of funds. Most people pretending to be cash buyers are just trying to get your home under contract so they can turn around and sell the option to buy your house to another investor. We are truly interested in buying your house and can prove it!

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Fair Cash Offers

Our first offer is our real offer! We submit a FAIR cash offer based on available sales data and market rates. Most "cash buyers" will start with a low-ball offer just to see if you bite. We respect you enought to not insult your intelligence with bogus offers.

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We Pay All Fees

We pay ALL fees, commissions and closing costs. If someone tries to charge you a home inspection fee or collect a "finders fee" they are not a serious cash buyer. You shouldn't have to pay out of pocket in order to sell your home.

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Where Are We Buying?

Currently, we are buying homes in the Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Texas markets. We personally know these markets well as we have personally purchased, listed, flipped, and sold homes in these markets. This allows us to make selling your home an easy process. We also have a broad network of team members working in all 50 States across America.

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How Fast Can We Close?

Since we are the buyer, we purchase the home directly from you this allows us to close in a matter of days. This is the same type of process as selling a home to an all cash home buyer.

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Do I Have To List My Home?

The answer is no. That’s right, you don’t have to worry about listing it on the market, because we purchase the home directly from you in the same condition it sits now.

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AIGREI, LLC Statement:

“To help people who are in need of assistance with their unwanted real estate and create a desirable, doable and manageable financial solution that will relieve them of unnecessary stress and help them enjoy a stable, comfortable and enjoyable life.”

Do You Need to Sell a House Quickly for Cash? Adonis Investment Group Can Help!

Expert Investors. Personal Touch. Guaranteed Results. These are the pillars of our elite organization and how we strive to deliver the best home selling experience to our clients. Unlike many organizations that promise to buy your house for cash in an absurd 7 minutes, our commitment to the people that choose us is simple: We will sell your house as quickly as possible, while treating you with the respect you deserve.

There has been a challenging economic situation in this country, which has affected many Americans. Unemployment has been an issue for years across many industries and cities in this nation. Challenges come in all shapes and sizes, and we do not discriminate in who we help sell a home. We understand that economic challenges affect the real estate you own and can quickly transform a home into a serious burden.

At AIG Real Estate Investments, we specialize in helping people deal with their unwanted real estate. We pride ourselves on being unique and caring deeply about every single customer. Our customers are people that deserve be treated with dignity and respect regardless of their current situation. We will never intimidate you into doing something that is not in your personal or financial best interest.

We are serious about helping people by selling their homes for a fair market value. In the end, we would rather walk away from a transaction then not create a win/win situation. Call us today and experience one of our friendly, courteous and kind team members. You will notice a difference and get the results you desire. That is our unwavering guarantee.

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