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11 Facts You May Not Realize About Email Information

11 Facts You May Not Realize About Email Information

Are you feeling overwhelmed and confused by all of the information you receive in emails from all of the gurus?

You’re not alone. Many new and seasoned investors complain about the same thing. It can get so bad that you are paralyzed in place not knowing which way to go.

Here are 11 facts that you may not realize about email information and which may help you navigate through the flood of information.

  1. Not all information is relevant to you. It depends on your goals, objectives, resources, and where you are in your business. Select first your course of action, then seek out the information that supports that course.
  2. The “best, greatest, most awesome, easiest” money making program may be exactly wrong for you. If this new strategy doesn’t support what you are doing right now, then it is wrong for you. Be careful not to chase the next shiny object because it will prevent you from focusing and taking any real action. In other words, don’t buy every new product and service.
  3. Most of the “free” information is designed to provide you high level information and point you in a certain direction. It is not meant to be actionable. Don’t make the mistake of assuming everything you need to know is there. If it interests you and supports your objective, then delve deeper to get the full information.
  4. You don’t need every new product on the market. You only need the one that supports your current objectives and situation; or new strategy that you are ready to implement as the next stage of growth for your business.
  5. Too much free information can actually slow you down rather than increase your speed of success. You will have no frame of reference for all of the information and so it will only serve to confuse and paralyze you. Be selective on your source of information.
  6. The best way to learn is by “doing”. Any training should be purchased with the intent of focusing on its implementation. You will not learn simply by reading books or watching videos. You must take action. Be sure the information you buy is complete giving you a start to finish plan.
  7. No one…hear this…no one has figured out how to make a fortune without doing any work; without spending money on your business; without having to jump some hurdles. If you are buying any program because you believe this one will do that for you…DON’T. It doesn’t exist. There are many facets of real estate investing that have superior returns; are relatively easy to implement; and don’t require fortunes to start, but they all require work on your part.
  8. There is no 1 right or perfect strategy. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.  Everyone will tell you that they have the perfect strategy – and it is…for them. Your job is to decide which is right for YOU.
  9. You will hear a lot of contradictory information and yet everyone may be correct. That’s because there are many ways to profit from real estate and each person is at a different place in their business. Again, digest the information, ask questions, and decide if it is right for you.
  10. Probably 98% of the information is correct in its own context. Taken out of context or executed improperly it could be terrible information.
  11. Forums are a great place to get specific answers to questions from other experienced people. They are a terrible place to learn how to start any strategy because the information will be incomplete.

I hope this helps you wade through the oceans of information you receive daily. My suggestion, unsubscribe from the lists that don’t offer you what you need so you are not constantly tempted by the next best thing.

Pick 3-4 people you trust and read their information. The rest is only going to overwhelm you more. Realize that every time you opt-in for free information, you are now on a new list. That’s fine. Remember to periodically review all of your emails and purge the list again.

I hope I earn your trust and support and you will not delete my emails. If I am not providing value please let me know.


Expect Abundance,

Adonis Investment Group


Ryan Hillestad

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